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What constitutes success in economic development and the specific strategies required to accomplish it will look different from place to place. There are as many definitions of “economic development” as there are municipalities in Saskatchewan. Each community or region has its own opportunities, challenges, identities and priorities. Despite these differences, leadership is consistently identified as a critical key to success.



the process of building strong, adaptive economies

Economic development in the 21st century is driven by local assets and realities, and a commitment to equality of opportunity and sustainable practices. It is a process of local people, with common interests, using their own initiative and abilities — and marshalling public and private resources — to solve local problems in order to make the community a better place in which to live and work.

Today, economic development is an inclusive practice which embraces all aspects of community.



Use the information and resources offered here to get informed, build your skills, and become a more effective change maker!

20 Clues to Rural Community Survival

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What is Leadership?

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Invest In Your Future

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