SEDA and our Program Partners are committed to the economic vibrancy, competitiveness and resilience of Saskatchewan communities.

The Saskatchewan ChangeMAKERS Program aims to identify community initiatives that are contributing to local and regional sustainability. By celebrating the efforts of local leaders and the community at large, we hope to inspire others to take action.



ChangeMAKER Applications will be accepted in three categories.

Find out more on the application process and the benefits of being a ChangeMAKER.





The Saskatchewan Economic Development Association (SEDA) is Saskatchewan’s leading non-governmental organisation with a focus on community and economic development, regeneration and resilience. We encourage and support leadership and progressive activities which create positive economic, environmental, health and social outcomes for communities, regions and the province at large. In all our work the relationship between place, economy and people is central.

Established in 1983, SEDA offers and supports a range of programs and services activities including research, consultancy, training, events and specific programs supporting community development.

SEDA is a social enterprise and relies on revenue generated from membership; program and service delivery; training and event hosting.  SEDA works with the private; non-governmental and public sectors, across the province and beyond. We work with many partner organisations who share our passion for developing a better and more resilient Saskatchewan!

Find out more about our vision and services at www.seda.sk.ca

Visit our online learning platform at www.ecdevonline.ca